Our services include state-of-the-art rubber molding, rubber production and rubber fabrication capabilities, including prototype support and quality assurance. Visit our online store for in-stock products and materials, or contact us for expert assistance selecting the right capability for your requirements.


Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. die cutting capabilities.

Die Cutting

We die cut gaskets for a wide variety of applications, such as environmental seals, dust seals, vibration dampers and EMI shielding. Many of our products can be supplied with an adhesive backing, which can reduce or eliminate the need for liquid adhesives.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. form-in-place capabilities.


Our advanced CNC robots dispense form-in-place gaskets directly on work pieces, which may offer significant material cost savings over other methods. Dispensed gaskets are perfect for use in many aerospace, industrial, high technology, medical equipment and military applications.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. CNC Knife Cutting and Slitting capabilities.

CNC Knife Cutting and Slitting

The sophistication of our cutting system means we can always meet the most demanding design requirements. Our highly-accurate cutter allows us to bypass the die making process and go straight into production cutting.

Western Rubber & Supply Inc. laminating and coating capabilities.

Laminating & Coating

Our coating is a rust-inhibiting, water-based, modified acrylic suited for protecting castings, stampings and other ferrous surfaces.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. rubber molding capabilities.

Rubber Molding

Let us help you create the product that best suits your design. We can custom mold products from a variety of polymers, including Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Fluoroelastomer, SBR, Nitrile, Fluorosilicone, Natural Rubber Viton® and thermoplastic vulcanizates.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. laser cutting capabilities.

Laser Cutting

If you need long-term consistency in terms of production quality, laser cutting may be the best solution. Our CNC laser cutting services allow us to create complex prototypes and parts with a precision not attainable with other cutting methods.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. waterjet capabilities.

Water Jet Cutting

Our capabilities include waterjet-only and abrasive waterjet cutting. Waterjets are able to cut complex shapes and parts in almost any material – from metal of all sorts, to stone, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics and composites – all up to 8 inches thick.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. prototype support.

Prototyping Support

We can easily produce prototype gaskets, rubber prototypes or other types of samples prior to a full production. Lead times can be as short as 24 hours for components made from standard sheet materials.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. quality assurance capabilities.

Quality Assurance

We rely on automated vision and laser systems to help ensure product quality and conformity. The advanced metrology software allows our Quality Control Department to import CAD drawings and use the drawings as the basis for inspecting production parts.

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