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Supplying rubber material since 1976, Western Rubber is your source for custom and stock silicone rubber, rubber materials, rubber products, molded rubber and rubber supplies. Our suppliers included leading domestic and offshore rubber manufacturers. Browse through our wide selection, visit our online store for in-stock products and materials, or contact us for expert assistance selecting the right products for your applications.


Selecting a Material

Choosing a material is more than just selecting the right polymer. There are also budgetary, project schedule and quality control issues to consider.


WesLastomer™ Sheet Rubber

We stock a wide variety of sheeting for gasketing and sealing applications, including silicone, synthetic rubber and natural rubber.


WesLastomer™ Sponge

These materials are designed for applications requiring a soft, compressible rubber. Our line of silicone, open-cell and closed-cell sponges are available in various densities.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. tapes and adhesives.

3M™ Tapes & Adhesives

Our tape and adhesive products are manufactured by innovative, leading global suppliers and manufacturers such as 3M.


Nolato Compatherm® Gap Filler

Nolato’s new thermal interface material is a gap filler that comes in a range of certified thermal conductivity values.

Poron from Western Rubber $ Supply, Inc.

Rogers Poron®/Bisco®

Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers of silicone and rubber materials allow us to stock products such as Poron® Microcellular Urethane and Bisco® Silicone Foam.

Western Rubber & Supply military-grade, custom-molded parts.

Rubber Molding Compounds

We stock a variety of military, domestic and conductive rubber compounds to be molded to customer specifications.

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