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A-A 59588A and AMS-3326 Silicones

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. A-A 59588A and AMS- 3326 silicones

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Western Rubber & Supply, Inc.’s A-A 59588A and AMS-3326 silicones are heat cured, mil-spec rubber molding compounds. A-A series materials are designed to meet the A-A 59588A Class I A&B Group 40-70 and A-A 59588A Class 2 A&B Group 25-80 specifications (formerly ZZR-765). AMS-3326 silicone is designed to meet the fuel resistant requirements outlined in the Aerospace Material Specification (AMS). Class 1 silicones provide extreme low temperature resistance, while Class 2 silicones are a general purpose compound with high temperature resistance. Silicone in general is known for its excellent weather, oxidation and ozone resistance. Our materials are available from 25 to 80 durometer and can be custom molded into required shapes.


  • Parts that meet A-A 59588A and AMS-3326 specifications of the military, aerospace and aeronautical industries

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent UV and oxidation resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent oil resistance
  • A varox- and dicumyl- peroxide catalyst system
  • Low temperature resistance (Class 1)
  • High temperature resistance (Class 2)


  • Custom molded parts
Color Black
Durometer Range, Shore A25-80
Tensile Range900-1300 psi
Ultimate Elongation Range150-750%
Tear B Range60-190 ppi
Specific Gravity Range1.10-1.65

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