Supplying rubber material since 1976, Western Rubber is your source for custom and stock silicone rubber, rubber materials, rubber products, molded rubber and rubber supplies. Our suppliers included leading domestic and offshore rubber manufacturers. Browse through our wide selection, visit our online store for in-stock products and materials, or contact us for expert assistance selecting the right products for your applications.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. acoustical foams.

WesCoustic™ Acoustical Foams

Our acoustical foam products are designed for maximum sound absorption in harsh environments. Available as sheets or rolls, and products can be fabricated to customer specifications.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. WesShield EMI Shielding products.

WesShield™ EMI Shielding

We manufacture and distribute various EMI Shielding products, which are used as a medium to provide electrical conductivity across a gasket-flange interface. Our line of electrically conductive elastomers includes carbon, graphite or silver-filled silicone.

WesTherm thermal management products.

WesTherm™ Thermal Management

Our thinner materials are typically placed between heat-generating components and heat sinks, while our thicker materials are used to fill air gaps between thermal sources and chassis.

himag microwave absorbers

HiMag™ Microwave Absorbers

Our dense, rubber- and foam-based HiMag™ EMI/Microwave materials dampen and absorb microwave energy. These absorbers are ideal for the most demanding military and commercial applications.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. custom molded rubber.

Custom Molded Rubber

We can custom mold products from a variety of polymers, including Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Fluoroelastomer, SBR, Nitrile, Fluorosilicone, Natural Rubber Viton® and thermoplastic vulcanizates.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. standard molded rubber parts.

Standard Molded Rubber

We stock standard, off-the-shelf rubber components, including o-rings, rubber grommets, tips, caps, washers, balls, suction cups as well as the following types of bumpers: adhesive, grommet, recessed and stem.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. extruded rubber products.

Extruded Rubber Products

We stock rubber extrusion for many applications, such as sealing, noise control, vibration control and decorative trim. Custom compounds and profiles are our specialty.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. Compashield EE Gasket

Compashield® Extrusion

Compashield® Extrusion is a line of versatile EMI-shielding gaskets from Nolato Silkonteknik. These innovative products offer numerous advantages over metal gaskets, including easier assembly and reduced costs. Flexible yet conductive, these materials can be extruded into rectangular, solid or hollow shapes when viewed in cross section.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. Compashield Molding

Compashield® Molding

These EMI shielding solutions from Nolato Silikonteknik cover cans, components and plastic frames with electrically conductive silicone. These unique “mold-in-place” silicones and fluorosilicones are easy to assemble, increase PCB area, provide environmental sealing and cut costs by providing multiple EMC chambers in a single part.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. gaskets and die cut products.

Gaskets & Die Cut Products

We specialize in cutting and fabricating custom gaskets for applications such as environmental seals, dust seals, vibration dampers and EMI shielding.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. Lord mounts.

Lord Mounts

Our selection of Lord products includes bushings, center bonded mounts, dynaflex couplings, flex-bold sandwich mounts, grommet isolators, machinery mounts, plateform mounts and two-piece mounts.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc rubber grommets.

Rubber Grommets

We offer a variety of standard rubber grommets and military rubber grommets. We also stock hundreds of different sizes of rubber grommets and can also make custom grommets and other rubber components to your unique specification.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc in-stock materials.

In-Stock Materials

Visit our online store to browse our extensive selection of in-stock products and materials, including EMI/Microwave Absorbers, Grommets and Extrusions.

western rubber and supply catalog

Catalogs & Brochures

Download PDF versions of product and company catalogs, brochures, guides and forms, including both WRS and LORD materials.

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