Custom Molded Rubber

Western Rubber & Supply custom molded rubber products and custom molded rubber parts.

Instead of trying to make a standard part fit, why not create a custom product that perfectly conforms to your application design requirements? We specialize in custom silicone and custom rubber molded parts, and we work with a wide range of polymers.

Custom Molding Processes

  • Compression Molding: Pressure and heat is applied to a material inside a mold cavity until it cures. This method can produce products that are curved or intricate, and is usually less expensive than other molding processes.
  • Injection Molding: More complex than either compression or transfer molding, injection molding forces molten material into a mold cavity with a ram or screw-type plunger.
  • Transfer Molding: Similar to compression molding, except material is forced into a mold cavity through a funnel, or sprue, where it takes on the shape of the cavity during cooling.
  • Liquid Injection Molding: A high-volume molding method where liquid silicone rubber is kept cool until it is forced into a heated cavity and vulcanized.

To learn more about our custom molding program, visit our Rubber Molding capabilities page. Or, contact one of our professionals or send us a drawing. We can create custom molded rubber products that match your exact requirements.


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